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Location – Kiev/central part (Bogdan Khmelnitsky str., 46)
Price: 2000 UAH.
Time: 3 hours per one lesson (with the break in the middle)
Total: 7 lessons
Frequency: Once a week (or twice according to the group request)
Time: from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Nataly Zhuravleva
Lessons are held by: photographer
For info calls: +380637173001

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    Photo equipment and technical features:


    Easy explanation about difficult things in photography

    1. You will be acquainted with a camera (necessary things to know about settings of the camera). We are going to deal with all buttons on your device, make friends with settings and start using them according to your needs and for your art purposes.

    2. Lenses, technical features and advises.

    Understanding camera lenses, differences, usability. “What lens do I need?”

    A guide for buying your next camera lens, (and perhaps why to sell your’s)

    3. Portable sources of external lighting (flash). Correct work with flash, and what are their advantages. When you should use it, how to use it in a natural way, for soft look of your photo.

    You will have an opportunity to work with portable flash during our class.

    4, 5, 6, 7 Evening and day shootings + studio.

    It is a summary of the previous lessons with concrete tasks during photo walks around the city. How to fix dynamics in a picture, how to make photos under different conditions of lighting, photo filters using, reflectors and backgrounds, Light Stands & Mounting (holders) and other photo equipment. Advices and reasons for choosing photo bags, Tripods & Support.

    Everything that seemed difficult – will be understandable and useful.

    Such terms as: Multiple exposure, Bracketing order, White balance (WB), Exposure and Metering (3D color matrix, Center-weighted, Spot), Rear-curtain synchronization, Depth of sharpness, Active D-lighting, Highlights and Histogram, Distortion, AE-L/AF-L button, P, S, A, and M modes and so on - becomes clear for you.

    Our practical trainings are interesting and are carried out in an easy form of dialogue with the teacher. Secrets and advices for work with equipment are irreplaceable in photographer experience. After our classes you will avoid mistakes.

    You’ll be able to operate all settings in the camera, and further to progress in receiving desirable pictures.

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